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ESE Telehealth is offering schools a true turn-key platform, coupling our technology with additional resources, placing the necessary hardware and software into schools to implement a safe and secure telemedicine program. This opportunity allows district systems to overcome the constant challenges associated with student healthcare and promotes improvements in student wellness. Our telehealth program improves administrative burdens with providing premium healthcare to students by on demand access to Nurse  Practitioners.  This  translates  to  improvements  in learning

learning by returning students to the classroom sooner and improving the overall health status of the student which promotes adherence with the learning process while improving the school’s funding. Additionally, ESE Telehealth will add convenience for patients with 24/7 access to the patient portal for review of the encounter with the nurse practitioner.


Electronic Notifications

Parents will have 24/7 access through the patient portal to review treatment plans, prescription information, and any necessary follow up appointments. Parents will also have access to our 800 number for any questions about their child's visit with the school nurse and/or nurse practitioner during normal business hours.

Electronic Health Record

Student health records are electronically created and transfer with the student as they move through grade levels or to other participating school districts.

Virtual Visit

Through our secure, two-way video and remote health monitoring/communication platform, schools have live access to a nurse practitioner

White Glove Installation

ESE Telehealth provides all equipment, completes white glove installation and training for schools and 24/7 tech support after delivery.

Cutting Edge Equipment

All-In-One Unit including remote health monitoring devices such as heart rate monitor, blood pressure, oxygen level monitor, otoscope, stethoscope, and more.

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