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The ESE Telehealth Process

Patients located at an originating site can see a provider located at a distant site remotely in real time using medical cameras and video conferencing equipment. 

  • The patient uses the designated ESE Telehealth PrognoCIS Patient Portal to register and/or log in.

    • First time registrants will receive an email with registration instructions.

    • Registration forms, patient history, legal documents, and insurance forms are filled out and signed.

  • Appointment is scheduled as ‘next available appointment’ or a specific time/date may be chosen.

    • If the patient is a student in one ESE Telehealth’s participating schools, the school nurse may schedule the appointment pending initial patient portal log in has been created by the child’s guardian and all legal documents have been signed (i.e. consent to treat).

  • The patient meets with the provider via audio, video, and communications technology as a face to face consultation to be completed.

    • Patients may use computers, telephones, tablets, ---

    • Participating schools will have top notch medical cameras, devices, and audio/video conferencing equipment installed prior to visit.

  • The provider completes the visit, provides proper medical care including treatment plan and/or recommended medication(s), and sends medical record to the primary care physician and/or referring provider as necessary.