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About ESE Telehealth

Why Choose ESE Telehealth? ESE Telehealth is offering schools a true turn-key platform, coupling our technology with additional resources, placing the necessary hardware and software into schools to implement a safe and secure telehealth program. This opportunity allows district systems to overcome the constant challenges associated with student healthcare and promotes improvements in student wellness. Our telehealth program improves administrative burdens with providing premium healthcare to students by on demand access to Nurse Practitioners. This translates to improvements in learning by returning students to the classroom sooner and improving the overall health status of the student which promotes adherence with the learning process while improving the school’s funding. Additionally, ESE Telehealth will add convenience for patients with 24/7 access to the patient portal for

review of the encounter with the nurse practitioner. But solutions for schools is certainly not our only offering. ESE Telehealth also provides services to businesses/employers and individuals. Working directly with insurance companies, as well as through quick and affordable self-pay options, save time, money and be seen from the comfort of your own home or office.