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1523 Old Valdosta Road, Ray City, GA  31645

For Schools: 877-755-2212  General Public: 877-543-7221

For Schools

Offering schools a true turn-key solution for a safe and secure telehealth program.

For Employers

Cost effective solutions designed to save your employees time, while improving medical care & benefits.

For Individuals

Avoid the long wait at the walk-in clinic, ER or urgent care facility. Be treated now at your home or office. 

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Taking care of your health

Private and Secure

State-of-the-art technology and strict adherence to patient privacy regulations, assure you're in good hands.

Bypass the
Waiting Room

Spend less time away from work or school and avoid other germs that may be floating around the waiting room.

1st Class Attention
and Results

A U.S. Board Certified nurse practitioner  will facilitate your 1-on-1 consultation and prescribe medication as needed.

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